natasha moreno






performance, installation 

Wood, chalk, black ink 
Dimensions variable

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride...
Vision, hearing, smell, taste touch, vestibular, proprioception...
I find myself in the cage.
Moving to discover the norms.
Though I cannot act freely, or will surely break them.
I stand in between.
And still I make sins, because I have senses.


CAGE OF NORMS is an installation piece (which later became a prop for Natasha Moreno's sound performance), where forty nine sticks are vertically installed in space according to the specific mystical order dividing the space into seven zones of human sin and senses. Each stick is crowned by a coloured chalk containing the traces of previously written revelations by the artist. Natasha invites a viewer to get closer to her weaknesses and at the same time tests her trust in letting other people in and not breaking the fragility of the installation.

In the framework of the sound-performance, Natasha creates a purification ritual where she moves in space in accordance to prerecorded chant.