natasha moreno






Mellow, a little bit dark, non-percussive, melodic, airy, slightly detuned -- is my type of sound.

I am deeply inspired by Deftones, Caterina Barbieri and belarusian folklore music. For me sound is a tool of delivering flashbacks and transposing mental state into a parallel synaesthetic perception of reality. I find solitude in making music and for me it is truly the only media I feel comfortable in and want to share.

In 2022 I started OBPD challenge (is an abbreviation for a so-called "one beat per day"), which was introduced to me by Mathew Johnson, whose class I was lucky to attend. Just a regular exercise at the Freedom Engine Academy course became my approach to reflect on thoughts and feelings daily. My overall goal is to work with simple systems which could be controlled manually. Currently, I use the semi-modular synthesizer Moog Mother-32, Behringer Model D, ZOOM Multistomp pedal, Arturia Beatstep Pro.