natasha moreno







Dimensions variable


I never thought this would happen to me exactly
in the same way as to all of you, you, you and you.
“say hi!”, step in and get pressed into the ground
to look with time exactly like you
c o u l d , s h o u l d , w o u l d
look like.

and probably never like
you wanted to.


unless you don’t move.


or burn.


DIE ERUNNERUNG is a sculpture piece made out of six paper sheets placed as an abstract map of a flat where artist lives and workes. Each paper at a closer look reveals specific texture as a result of performative action that took place during the lockdown period. Each texture is formed due to exposure of sheets to a life of an artist and is closely connected to a daily routine in a closed space.

Paper with wooden pattern stayed under an office chair of an arist during lockdown and it is a print copy of a wooden parkett. Crater like sheet was near the cooking stove and was continuously exposed to liquid droplets. Flat wrinkled piece was kept under the carpet near the bathtub. Body shaped paper was a place of an artist doing daily body exercises. Ripped sheet remained under the bedsheets of a bed. And the paper with a hole in it and traces of dust stayed in a portfolio folder with artists artworks. 

Life as it is leaves prints on human faces. Aging and emotions leave wrinkles on a skin from which we can tell what a person could have went through. With this idea in mind paper was intentionally put into living conditions to become altered by repetitive actions of a daily routine.

DIE ERUNNERUNG calls to a question of time and its invisible but continuous impact on pristine. The result of alteration adresses inevitable fate. Memories stay on every object we possess unless they are intentionally left intact or burned completely.