natasha moreno






sound installation

Glass, water, aluminium, microphones, mixer, speakers
Dimensions variable

Decay is a solid composition.
Monotony causes change.


DISPLACEMENT PITCH 4.3. stands on the border between interactive sculpture, sound object and a scientific study. Through chemical reaction aluminium foil dissolves in a solution of copper-based salt causing the first to disappear. A microphone is attached to the vases so viewers can hear an agony of slowly decaying material. At the same time aluminium foil is a receiver of the sound emitted by speakers, which triggers it to disappear faster. This infinite loop forms a continuous feedback which accumulates a variety of pitches. The pitch changes with time, and reacts on its surroundings such as viewers passing by the installation.

DISPLACEMENT PITCH 4.3. represents a lifespan of a human being, a person walking in circles who through constant change and little deviations, developments and permanent influence by society in the end becomes silence.