natasha moreno






sound installation

Dimensions variable

I feel disconnected and connecting again feels like a big burden…

In my project 'No Contact' I explore my memories of people I've lost touch with over time. Sometimes it's easier to stay apart than to keep trying to stay close, because it takes more than one person's effort.

The setup of the project is simple: a sound source is connected to a speaker by a cable that has been intentionally cut in two, symbolising the grief of losing a connection. The edges of the cuts, metal drops, resemble tears.

The cables are clearly labelled with instructions for use, which include a warning that touching both metal drops simultaneously will activate the sound. It is worth noting that this can be a challenging or almost impossible task to execute alone, as the pedestals are spaced further apart than the average human arm span. In some cases, awkward stretching and the use of feet may be necessary. However, with a simple assistance of another person, the task becomes much easier.

The sound you hear when you activate it is a repetitive ambient track. If you press too hard on the metal drops, it makes an unpleasant noise. It's like a reminder that things can get uncomfortable if you don't listen and pay attention, and it's easier to just break contact and let go.